Baby Girl Bundle


Designed by Worsham Designs.
Photography by Chelsea Beck Photography and Keri Meyers Photography.

This Baby Girl Bundle includes the following templates:
    •    Aimee 7x5 Flat Card
    •    Alissa 5x7 Flat Card
    •    Ella 7x5 Flat Card
    •    Mia 5x7 Flat Card

The templates are layered Photoshop (.PSD) files and are designed to be compatible with Miller's Press Printed products. 

Templates are designed to be as simple as possible.  Simply drop in your photos, change the text, and you're done.  However, to allow for maximum flexibility, in most cases they have also been layered to allow for changes such as modifying colors, removing patterns or overlays, and re-arranging and re-sizing design elements.

Please note that templates are built to work with Photoshop CS2 or later. Compatibility with earlier versions of Photoshop cannot be guaranteed.